Meglyn Retrievers

All-Breed Obedience, Gun Dog and Hunt Test Training


Getting a puppy for Christmas or have you learned during the hunting season that your hunting buddy needs a bit more training?

Are you having to tie him to a tree so he won't break when the ducks are coming in?

Did you have to wade 300 yards through the marsh because your dog didn't see the duck fall and doesn't understand blind retrieves?

Make your reservations now for training with Meglyn Retrievers.

The monthly rate will be $500 - Includes kenneling, training and plenty of exposure to birds, both pigeons and live and dead ducks.

(Monthly heartworm treatment, flea and tick treatment and the cost of veterinary services, both routine and emergency, are not included in the monthly fee. )

I accept puppies (5-6 months or older) and dogs of any age for intensive obedience and field training.

Options are available for younger pups.  (Including Puppy Classes or setting up brief stays with me for socialization and training.

Novice Training:

The novice or basic field program is intended for those dogs that have had no formal training. Although usually these are younger retrievers, I have successfully trained retrievers as old as 5 years of age that have had no field or obedience training before. The program is normally 3-4 months, but may be longer, depending upon the abilities of the individual dog. It includes obedience, both on and off lead, including voice and whistle response, force fetching, collar conditioning, gunfire conditioning and training on marked retrieves, with plenty of birds, both on land and water. Emphasis will be placed on your dog’s steadiness to wing and shot. When the program is completed, your dog will be a good basic retrieving companion for hunting and will be dependable on birds when it marks the bird’s fall. The dog that has finished the basic program will be able to satisfactorily compete in hunting tests at the AKC Junior Hunter and HRC/UKC Started levels.

Intermediate Training:

Intermediate training is offered for those retrievers that have completed a beginning field program. My preliminary evaluation will determine whether the dog is a candidate for intermediate training or whether a refresher course is required.  Intermediate training is intended for those who want their retriever trained for basic land and water blind retrieves with whistle and hand signals. Training will also include multiple marked retrieves. Obedience, steadiness and field and blind manners will be emphasized.

The program is normally 3-4 months in duration, but may be longer based upon the dog’s abilities. The dog that has completed the intermediate program will be able to handle a variety of waterfowl hunting situation and be able to compete at the AKC Senior Hunter and HRC/UKC Seasoned levels.

Advanced Training:

Dogs in advanced training receive more complex marking and blind work than in intermediate training. They will be presented with complicated multiple retrieve situations designed for their success and to improve their abilities as a finished waterfowl hunting retriever. They will be exposed to a variety of different retrieving problems, minimizing the chance of your buddy being presented with an unfamiliar situation while afield with you. At the end of the 6-8 month program, your dog will be able to compete at the AKC Master Hunter and HRC/UKC Finished levels. Your dog must be trained to the intermediate level before being accepted for the advanced program.

I offer both basic obedience training and retriever training for gun dogs and hunting tests.

I accept a very limited number of clients.